Our Firm


What Makes Us Different?

Larson Financial Advisors has been in business since 1996. Our president, Craig Larson, has been in the financial services industry since 1989. We strive to be our clients’ most trusted advisor through our professional knowledge, integrity and outstanding personalized service.


We have been managing wealth for over two decades. Because we have seen all kinds of markets, we have developed strategies to accommodate many different environments. We believe in being prepared so there will be no unpleasant surprises for our clients.


Our specialty is using technical analysis to pinpoint and adjust to what the market is telling us about risk levels, and where the best opportunities for growth reside.


Our independence is important to our clients because they know we are not required or incented by any corporate owner or broker/dealer firm to promote any particular product or investment. As a fee-based advisor, our interests are aligned with our clients to focus on what is best for our clients.









Craig Larson, President of Larson Financial Advisors, is 30 year veteran of the financial services industry. Larson Financial Advisors is set up as a fully independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in order to provide objective investment and financial advice for the benefit of our clients. Craig specializes in creating tax-efficient portfolios and controlling risk using an ‘advance and protect’ methodology. Our team is committed to your success!




   Maria Estella Larson 
   Bookkeeping and accounting,         communications and Database     Manager
   Charity Yohman
   Executive Assistant to Craig         Larson and Service Manager.